Nicholas Rodgers

Welcome to my website. I am currently writing 'The Future of Petroleum Pricing - Will the Petrodollar exist in 2020?' which I hope to publish in 2015. You can find me via LinkedIn View Nicholas Rodgers's LinkedIn profileView Nicholas Rodgers's profile I can also be reached viaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can read my insight into Petroleum Pricing here: Chairman's Insight into Petroleum Pricing

Over the last 12-months I have been conducting in-depth research and  comparative analysis into the practical steps Petroleum Producing Nations must adopt when they choose to substitute the current orthodoxy of denominating Petroleum in one currency with that of trading in multiple currencies. This step change creates the opportunity to substantially increase revenue and mitigate against risk.

Our determination to press ahead on this issue was fuelled by the knowledge that the current system of denominating Oil and Gas in one universal currency is inherently unstable. For example, it limits the control individual Petroleum Producing Nations have over their own economies as they are continually subjected to the vagaries that the useage of one currency implies. A common set of benefits will accrue to all Petroleum Producing Nations when denominating Petroleum in alternative currencies. However, as all Countries have unique features the total additional advantages would vary from Nation to Nation.