Human Energy Group conduct in-depth research into the International Petroleum and Energy Markets. Our analysis combined with intellectual rigour enables us to offer strategic guidance and counsel to a variety of Clients. We are commencing to collaborate with Petroleum Producing Nations and International Oil & Gas Companies, presenting them with strategies which will facilitate the replacement of the current practise whereby Petroleum is traded in one universal currency, empowering them to adopt alternative currencies in which to denominate petroleum. 

For Petroleum Producing Countries and Indepenent Producing Organisations the obvious benefit of utilising multipile currencies is the fact that they can exercise greater control - not just over the amount of revenue recieved, but of course become further empowered to mitigate against currency volitality. 

Over the last 12-months Human Energy Group have conducted in-depth research and analysis into this strategic issue. Our determination to press ahead on this issue was fuelled by the knowledge that the current system is inherently unstable. For example, it limits the control the individual Petroleum Producing Nations have over their own economies as they are continually subjected to the vagaries of one currency. 

There will be a common set of benefits for all Petroleum Producing Nations when denominating Petroleum in alternative currencies. However, as all Countries have unique features, it is hard to quantify the total additional advantages that would accrue to individual Petroleum Producers until a full evaluation of its Petroleum Industry has been undertaken. 

Collective Benefits: 

  • Ability to exercise greater control over the national economy.
  • Greater opportunities to maximise returns.
  • Greater flexibility and increased opportunities to manage risk.
  • Remove the vagaries associated with the use of one currency.
  • Creates the opportunity to attract and retain foreign investment.
  • Mitigate against the risks which naturally occur in Financial Markets as a result of conflict between Nations and warring factions.
  • Politically expedient.

For further information please refer to our Chairman's Insight into Petroleum Pricing

Human Energy Group undertake a program of robust research designed exclusively for each Petroleum Producing Country and Organisation, providing Strategic Counsel & Guidance regarding the issue of denominating petroleum in alternative currencies. 

By appointing Human Energy Group as Consultants in this issue we provide leadership and guidance to Petroleum Producers as they take the necessary steps to diversify the currency in which they accept their revenues. Our objective is to collectively perfect solutions which would augment the existing power Petroleum Producing Nations have to mitigate against risk thereby achieving greater control over their individual economies. The ability to manage risk more effectively has to be a triumphant achievement. 

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Our People

If there is one common thread that occurs within all our people it is their passion for excellence and their diversity of background. We are also united in our commitment to supporting the Energy Industry – our joint endeavours are driven to assist them in each new and unique initiative.

As regards new people, we genuinely wish to attract those who are better than ourselves. Learning is therefore a continuous, unending process – we work together to expand one another's skills set. No one can ever be above or beyond learning, irrespective of position or academic attainments. Our dictum will always be 'the more you know, the more you recognize how little you know'. That is the catalyst which propels us forward to reach greater heights of excellence and client approbation. Reputation creates business opportunities, but it is only results which sustain them. As a company it is the longevity of our business relationships which we pursue.

We specialise in supporting the Energy Industry, providing Clients with integrated services, all of which are derived from a top management perspective. We are highly creative people with a passion for problem solving and taking responsibility. We work as a team in all things and have an open door policy regarding the hiring of prospective people.

We look for people who wish to make a positive difference and understand that real talent comes in all shapes and sizes. We also recognize that intelligence comes in many forms and are fully cognizant that wisdom and insightful thinking become efficacious when viewed from a practical perspective.

We are always pleased to hear from talented individuals

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